Sunny Teasing On Her Bubble Chair
Sunny just bought this fun new chair and wants to really put it to the test for you. She has squeezed her curvaceous body into this skin tight black swim suit that is nearly bursting at the seams. Her good looks will knock you on the ground as your eyes attempt to keep up with the action. Her tits are begging to get out of that prison and she just keeps teasing you with them. The desire in her eyes would drive a normal man to insanity as she runs her hands across every inch of that perfect body. Although she spreads her legs she resists the urge to tear off those clothes and give in to sexual desire. Her tits finally break out of their tight cage so she can play with them. That tight swimsuit slowly makes its way down her tender body and onto the floor. She climbs back onto her chair and reaches her hand down to her horny pussy. She picks up the speed and loves the way it feels as she thinks about a big hard cock. Her tender pink pussy is so full of pleasure she is about to burst. Her moans get louder and louder until she screams out in ecstasy.

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